What kind of Instrument do I Play? 5-String Viola 


First thing folks, is that I don't play a fiddle/violin. I play a 5-string viola, which I had built for me by a world-class viola maker, David Burgess, from Ann Arbor, Michigan. One of my teachers used to tell me as a teenager, "you should play viola because you have the hands for it." Not only that, I always preferred the sound of a viola to a fiddle. My instrument encompasses the strings of both the violin and viola. Because of the size of my instrument (halfway between a normal-size…

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The Making of GypsyQuest The New CD! 


One look at the CD album cover and one wonders, " is the music on the CD as awe inspiring and dramatic as the artrwork is depicting", and the answer is an emphatic, Yes! Gypsy Quest takes you on an extremely high quality musical friendly rollercoaster encompassing many styles and rhythms, ( French, Latin, Gypsy, World, Fusion and Swing), all the while featuring Stephan's inspired 5 String Viola playing. Thirteen cuts include 8 amazing originals and 5 uniquely arranged cover…

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